May 17, 2008

Buttercup adopted!

Little Buttercup won the hearts of our volunteers in her one week stay with us, and yesterday she hit the jackpot and got the best family a dog could ever hope for.
Back in January she was rescued from 8 years of living an atrocious life as a puppy mill dog, having litter after litter of puppies while living in deplorable conditions and suffering from ear infections, eye infections, lice and all sorts of intestinal worms. Yes, folks, that's the life the dogs that produce all the adorable puppies for pet stores suffer through. Why puppy mills are allowed to exist and the AKC continues to register the dogs giving them an air of legitimacy, is something those of us that do rescue will never understand.
Buttercup's new name will be Sylvia, in honor of a beloved aunt, and she went to an incredible home that loves and cherishes their pets! We were giddy all afternoon after she left knowing that her life from now on will be something she could never have even dreamed of having, but nothing less than she deserves.

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