July 30, 2008

Anyone looking for a young Lab?

We've been asked to take in Tippy, a young Lab mix. She is a happy and bouncy girl who needs an owner who understands young dogs need to run and play every day.

July 28, 2008

Another Happy Tail

Alice (now Kenya) came to our shelter in the spring and was quickly adopted. Unfortunately, she and the dogs already in the household did not get along, and she was returned several days later. As luck would have it, a couple who had applied for her when we first posted her on our website was still very interested in meeting her. They had a really nice young male Shepherd, Jackson, and the dogs seemed to get along well at their initial meeting, but we all held our breath, as we always do in these situations, while we waited to hear if it was working out. Fortunately they were kind enough to send us an e-mail letting us know we could consider the adoption successful and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Today we received these great pictures along with another update letting us know the dogs are best friends.

July 24, 2008

Morgan tries out the new dog bed

A generous shelter supporter brought us a giant bolster dog bed over the weekend, and Cooper, the Golden mix, put it to good use. Now that Cooper has been adopted, Morgan, a kitty at the shelter still waiting for an adopter to come along, decided to give it a try.

July 22, 2008

Cooper Adopted

It is always nice when adopters recognize that older dogs make such great pets. Fortunately for Cooper, a Golden Retriever/Lab mix, that happened yesterday, and he happily went off to his new home last night. We were all falling madly in love with him, so thankfully he wasn't at the shelter for too long or we would have all cried when he left.

July 17, 2008

Why older dogs make such great pets

Cooper arrived at the shelter today. We took him in from the Palmer, MA dog pound to increase his chances of finding a loving home. After a stop at the vet for a check up and to have his vaccines, he had a bath and then proceeded to charm our volunteers with his adorable personality, calm demeanor and good behavior. He was clearly a family pet at one time as he knows commands, walks well on the leash and can be loose in our lobby since he isn't at all destructive. As always, we are flabbergasted that he was never claimed by an owner. This is a dog who will make a seamless transition into a new home since he is already trained and so well-behaved. Who needs a puppy when you can adopt Cooper?

July 14, 2008

Alumni News

We were really happy to start the week by receiving this precious photo from the family that adopted both Dana (chocolate Lab) and Susie (beagle mix) from our shelter. The note accompanying the photo said the pups are best friends.

July 11, 2008

New faces at the shelter

We took in 5 new dogs at the shelter today. They are all quite adorable and already have potential homes lined up!
Charlie the ferret was also reunited with her owner after her appearance in yesterday's Hometown Weekly. That was a very happy surprise at the end of a very busy week.

July 9, 2008

Thea adopted!

Beautiful little Thea, the senior kitty, now has a senior owner!

July 7, 2008

Who says three is a crowd?

We recently received this wonderful photo and update from a family that adopted a trio of kittens from us:

We're celebrating almost two years with our beloved Buffy, Spike, and Angel(formerly known as Ace, Harley, and Pearl). They came to you all from the same litter and we're so happy we were able to adopt all three of them! They keep each other company while we're at work, and vie for our attention(successfully!) as soon as we get home.

July 4, 2008

What a beauty!

This photo was taken of shelter favorite, Petunia, who is thriving in her new home. Her leg is healing well from her surgery and she is in great spirits. She is so comfortable in her fenced yard and lovely house and is quite bonded to her mom.

July 1, 2008

Update from Tuna's Family

Today's blog post comes to you courtesy of Tuna's new family. It sure makes it easy when adopters write the Happy Tail for us!

Nature or nurture, the age-old question when trying to find that perfect pet for adoption. Our story began around 10 years ago when our adopted kitten ran away from home and while looking for her, our youngest daughter found another stray in the woods. “Sandi”, an orange tabby was probably around five and clearly, based on her cleanliness (or lack thereof) and waistline, had been roughing it in the woods for several days. Knowing that some poor family was probably desperately looking for her, we provided her with the bare water and food necessities (outside) and began a campaign to find her real owners. To make a long story short, after advertising and contacting shelters to no avail, Sandi, after over 2 weeks of camping outside on our doorstep, became our second adopted feline. Sandi immediately became part of our family with unmatched reciprocal affection. Now fast-forward to the fall of 2007, Sandi succumbed to what we believe was a stroke leaving behind a very sad family. How could we ever replace a kitty with such a wonderful demeanor and personality? One “smart” member of the family, whose name shall remain anonymous, thought it must be nature so let’s find a young female orange tabby cat – simple!!! Maybe a good idea but no luck. During the family’s quest to find the perfect kitty, we did come across a male tiger tabby at the Medfield shelter. But again, this hardheaded anonymous male member of the family thought this cat isn’t orange or female and therefore couldn’t be as warm and friendly as Sandi. Well “Tuna” proved that his male counterpart didn’t know cats from beans. From the moment Tuna entered our home and performed his cursory inspection of his new digs and met his new roommates (Kipp the black lab and Trixie the now middle-aged kitty), you could almost hear him purr his approval! After a few short days, much to his skeptic’s astonishment, his mannerisms were almost identical to Sandi’s always coming when called and playing round robin on whose lap to warm each night. So nature or nurture? Perhaps another “n” word is in order that being “necessity” for both a welcoming family to fill a void and an orphaned pet to find a loving home which seems to stimulate the very best traits in a kitty’s personality.