August 21, 2008

Help Stop Greyhound Racing in Massachusetts

This fall Massachusetts voters will have a chance to help thousands of Greyhounds suffering at tracks in our state. There are two commercial dog tracks in Massachusetts: Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere and Raynham Park in Raynham. Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and the Greyhound Protection Act's purpose is to prohibit Greyhound racing in Massachusetts. If you are not familiar with this issue and the terrible conditions these poor dogs endure, please take a few minutes to visit The Committee to Protect Dogs' website to learn more about it.

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    hello, Judy --

    not about greyhounds, but Naomi. i hope you will see this. maybe someone will let you know it's here.

    she cowed and intimidated--as you predicted--everyone in the house by bedtime.

    she and Lucy slept in the bed w/ me, as they did again last nite, joined by Toby (tuxedo 7-yr old). Alfred (young-ish ginger tabby) came up last nite to get his share of my bedtime snack but retreated back downstairs for the nite. (i guess 4's a crowd.)

    i just got back from walking Lucy, doing a few errands, and then a bit of gardening. Naomi-now-Katherine had assumed ownership of the high lookout platform i had built. Toby used to own it, but i guess no longer.

    from there one can survey much of the driveway and garden and the street beyond. facing into the house, it looks out from the loft over the living room, so it is attractive to felines in general. i hope she will come to share it w/ Toby, but time will tell.

    minimal grumbling and hissing, but no real set-tos, and they all have gotten pretty close to one another from time to time.

    Lucy wants to play, but Katherine is not yet ready for that (altho' soon, i think). Al was until wednesday unchallenged master. now not so much. but the adjustment is going pretty smoothly, all in all.

    thanks for everything,