November 30, 2008

Allie and Rose adopted, Sasha arrived

Allie and Rose were adopted together today!  It will be so nice for the two friends to have each other for company. We also took in Sasha, a beautiful Husky today.  She already has a home lined up and will only be at the shelter until Thursday.  She loves to go for walks and is a very playful dog.

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It probably sounds silly, but we always feel sad about the pets spending the holidays at the shelter.  Of course they don't know it is Thanksgiving day, but they do notice when there are very few volunteers there to take care of them and keep them company.  Nevertheless, I think I speak for everyone at the shelter when I say we are thankful for all of the shelter supporters who donate money, food and other necessities that make the shelter possible.  And we are particularly thankful for our volunteers who selflessly give so much of their time to caring for and finding homes for the the shelter residents.  

November 25, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

And Onyx is all set to play Santa

November 22, 2008


Sarah McLafferty asked her friends for donations to the Medfield Animal Shelter instead of gifts for her recent 11th birthday.  She looked at our wish list so she knew what we needed which means we are already putting many of the donated items to good use.  She also brought some very fun cat toys that she tested out on a few of the cats currently at the shelter.  Sarah and her family came by today with the donations and was kind enough to brave the bitter cold to pose by the sign.  Thank you, Sarah!

November 21, 2008

Not surprisingly, pet store puppies are found to come from puppy mills

It is good to see the media finally doing their part to help the public understand where all those cute puppies at pet stores come from.  Those of us doing dog rescue are so tired of people telling us their new puppy was not from a puppy mill and they have the AKC papers to prove it.

Here's the MSNBC story with more details and a video clip.

November 17, 2008

Billy is on the mend

Billy went to the vet today to have his teeth cleaned and did very well!  They were impressed by how much his skin and ears had improved under the shelter's care and think if we find an owner willing to clean his ears daily he won't need to undergo surgery.  We love this little dog and our volunteers have all worked hard to make sure he gets the meds and special food he needs, so it is nice to know our hard work is starting to pay off.

November 13, 2008

Before and After

This adorable Cocker Spaniel was found as a stray and never claimed by his owner, so he is coming to the shelter on Friday, 11/14.  He was horribly matted and it took the wonderful Wrentham ACO and her friend many hours to create his "after" look.



He needs a name.  Feel free to post name suggestions by clicking on Comments

November 12, 2008

File this under too cute not to share

Onyx was adopted from us 3 months ago and has really made himself at home.  After he chewed through one of his owner's Crocs, they bought him his own pair to chew.  Apparently he also occasionally wears them for photos.

November 8, 2008

Jordan and 4 cats adopted today

Jordan had a rather brief stay at the shelter thanks to a Jack Russell experienced family who saw him online and drove an hour with their female Jack Russell to meet him.  It looked like a good match, and Jordan is going to have all the fun, exercise and training he needs to thrive.  

Judy placed Nigel, Elle and two beautiful orange cats she had taken in an hour before, all this afternoon!  A record breaking day for sure.  We sure will miss our lobby cat, Nigel, and it won't be as much fun working at the desk without him.

November 7, 2008

New Jack Russell at the Shelter

This is Jordan, an 18 month old neutered male Jack Russell.  He is very cute and very bouncy. We've been told he doesn't have much training.  He is looking forward to going on lots of walks with our dedicated group of volunteer dog walkers.

November 5, 2008

Snap and all the rest of the Greyhounds say thank you

Our friend Snap the Greyhound had been wearing her Vote Yes on 3 coat on her daily walk, but today she was sporting a new coat!  That's because Massachusetts voters have overwhelmingly passed Question 3, the Greyhound Protect Act, by a margin of 56% to 44%!!! This is the first time in history that dog tracks have been closed down by citizens vote.  

This is a fantastic win for dogs in Massachusetts and it marks the demise of an industry that exploits dogs for entertainment and profit.  Moving forward, GREY2K USA will work to place any and all available greyhounds from Wonderland and Raynham Parks. Stay tuned to learn how you can support this effort as the tracks begin winding down their operations.

November 4, 2008

Today's the day

Please vote Yes on 3 to help the Greyhounds.  

November 3, 2008

Labbie boy looking for a home

Dale arrived at the shelter on Saturday and has been making up for lack of exercise in his old home by persuading as many volunteers as possible to take him for a walk.  On Sunday he went on a 5 mile hike and met many dogs, horses and people and was great with all of them.  Please spread the word to anyone you know that might be looking to add a Lab to their family.

November 2, 2008

Vote for the dogs

Snap, an adopted Greyhound who belongs to one of the Shelter's foster families, has been out every morning spreading the word about the upcoming Greyhound Protection Act vote.  Please vote Yes on 3 and stop Greyhound racing in Massachusetts.  These graceful, sweet, lovely dogs deserve so much better.  There has been a lot of misinformation spread by the opposition, so if you are not familiar with the ballot question, please take a look at the facts before going to the polls on Tuesday.