December 31, 2009

Noel is in from the cold

Noel came to the shelter yesterday after an animal lover in Sherborn managed to get him in a carrier. She had seen him around for a few weeks and won him over with tuna. Tuesday he was out in the bitter cold fending for himself, and today he is inside enjoying lots of food, a fleece blanket, and a homemade catnip toy sewed by a kind shelter supporter. He looks pretty pleased with his new digs.

December 20, 2009

Snow Dogs

Bart and Bailey are such good friends and had a blast playing in the snow together this morning.

December 15, 2009

Update from Abe and Johnny (formerly Champ)

We received this nice note from the family that adopted Abe and Champ from us this past summer. The pair, while not related, bonded like siblings and played together all the time, so we were quite happy when they were adopted together.

We thank you every day for Abe and Johnny(Champ). Abe LOVES my husband and
follows him around constantly. When Jack is working on a project, Abe will crawl
over the hammer or whatever other tool Jack is using to "help". Johnny is much
more laid back and hangs out with me, sleeping on my feet every night. They are
the best of friends and perform amazing gymnastic feats as they chase each other
around the house leaping over the furniture as they go. They have brought so
much fun and laughter into our house! Attached our pictures of Johnny hanging
out in the wood basket and Abe just hanging out.

December 13, 2009

Birthday Gifts Benefit the Shelter

For her 9th birthday, Liora asked her friends to donate items on the Shelter's Wish List, rather than give her presents. She came by with her family to drop off a pile of donations (you can see some of the bags in the background) and for a quick visit with the pets. The cats and dogs at the shelter will be eating well for a while thanks to Liora's generosity!

December 6, 2009

Bandit and his favorite toy

December 5, 2009

Feral cats need caretakers, too

Cats are, by their very nature, companion animals. That means each and every cat deserves a human companion to love and care for him or her. It stinks when a cat is born outside and no human cares about him or her. It's even worse when a human decides to be mean to them. Heather and Haley were born outside. Their mom was reportedly killed by a car. The homeowner threatened to do harm to these innocent kittens unless they were "removed." And so now these unsocialized youngsters are under the care of the Medfield Animal Shelter and it is our duty to ensure they will have a happy future. We estimate they are about 5 months old. They are extremely frightened. They are thankfully in an excellent foster home where family members will interact with them as much as possible in order to determine if they will want to be indoor family pets or if they will fear humans forever preferring to live outdoors away from humans or perhaps to work as a barn cat. Haley and Heather are young and deserve a chance. We are extremely thankful to all our friends who help cats in need and also to our foster families who give these deserving animals a chance.

November 30, 2009

Our Biggest Fundraiser of the Year Starts Tomorrow

We are so happy to announce this year's matching challenge fundraiser is for even more money than last year! A small group of longtime shelter supporters has once again offered to match every dollar that is donated to the Medfield Animal Shelter between December 1, 2009 and January 15, 2010 — up to $20,000! Previous matching challenge fundraisers have helped us raise most of our operating budget for the year, allowing our volunteers to spend more time helping pets in need.

This year's fundraiser is very important to the Shelter, as we have experienced a significant increase in the number of pets needing shelter due to the economy. As always, we are trying to help as many as we possibly can. In the last year we have taken in many adoptable dogs from local Animal Control Officers and dog pounds where they would otherwise have been euthanized. We also sponsored a veterinarian who has provided low cost spay and neuter services at the Shelter for over 500 cats in the last 11 months. These services are a crucial part of our ongoing commitment to help end the overpopulation of pets that results in approximately 5 million (many people think the number is much higher) companion pets being euthanized at shelters in the U.S. every year. All of our work is possible thanks to our wonderful volunteers and supporters.

You can make your donation to this worthy cause go twice as far by making a donation to the Medfield Animal Shelter by January 15, 2010. The Matching Challenge Grant is open to anyone wishing to support the Medfield Animal Shelter, so please spread the word and make a donation today!

The Medfield Animal Shelter is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. The Shelter is a no-kill and every pet is spayed or neutered prior to being placed in a new home. The Animal Control Officers from both the towns of Dover and Medfield bring all of their stray pets to the Medfield Animal Shelter, and we take in pets from the surrounding area as space permits.

Tax-deductible donations can be sent to:

Medfield Animal Shelter
PO Box 271
Medfield, MA 02052

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Wasn't it nice of Carmen and Cora to come to the Medfield Animal Shelter and help to make it a Happy Thanksgiving for the shelter pets. They brought fresh greens for the bunnies and food for the cats and dogs. And best of all, they took some time to visit with the animals and help them have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We know Purry, the kitty here, is very thankful. Purry had a rough time before he arrived at the Shelter. But he is safe and loved now and always thankful when someone makes a lap and lets him climb into it. Thanks to all of you who remember the companion animals this Thanksgiving. They have no choice but to rely on us to meet all their needs.

November 25, 2009

A Week to be Thankful

This past week several of the pets in our care found homes, so we are feeling very thankful. Elvis the Beagle and Mika the Scottish Terrier went to their new homes today. Skooch the gorgeous white cat is in his new home as is Rupert the guinea pig and Moses the parakeet. But the best news of all came in a phone call today from Tiana's foster family letting us know they had fallen in love with her and wanted to adopt her!

Tiana was abandoned at our door back in August and had spent much of September and October hissing at our volunteers or hiding, because she was so scared. She finally started to trust a few of our volunteers and would come out of hiding for lap time. It turns out she is a very different cat in a home environment and sits on her new mom's lap and sleeps with her at night and has since the first day they brought her home. She is also very playful. This is just one more example of why the families that agree to foster pets are so important to us. Good job turning your family into foster failures, Tiana!

November 19, 2009

Birthday Donations

How fortunate are we to be part of a community where 7 year old children are so thoughtful and generous that they give up birthday presents for themselves and ask family and friends to help homeless animals instead. That's just what 7 year old Sarah (right) did. Instead of accepting birthday gifts for herself, Sarah asked everyone to bring a gift for the shelter. We are so thankful to her for all the "presents" she brought for the animals. Sarah and her sisters visited the shelter and are in the photo along with Missy, one lucky cat who will benefit from Sarah's kindness and generosity.

November 18, 2009


We were so sad to hear that Kanga, a really fun and loving dog adopted from our shelter 7 years ago, recently died due to Leukemia. Her illness came on quickly and she was gone before her family even had time to come to terms with the thought of losing her. Kanga was at our old shelter, which was really just a shack that didn't even have running water, for 7 months. In spite of appearing as our Pet of the Week in the Hometown Weekly newspaper three times, hardly anyone even expressed interest in meeting her, due to her energy level and lack of obedience training.

The couple that adopted her proved to be extremely dedicated and caring dog owners who invested the time and energy in making sure she received the exercise and training she needed to be a great pet and she thrived under their care. They are devastated by their loss of this loved member of their family, and those of us that knew and loved Kanga are too.

November 16, 2009

This Feral Kitty Has Learned the Joy of Having a Home

One of our volunteers received this wonderful note and update from a family in Dover that she helped with a stray cat that had been hanging out near their home for a long time. The best results always seem to come from people who care about the welfare of companion animals working together, since this cat wouldn't be considered adoptable by too many people.

Just a quick "thank you" and update on the feral cat you helped us with. As you'll remember, the gray cat we caught and brought to you in August had been hanging around our house over the prior winter (and perhaps the winter before). You guys cared for her for the weekend, and on Monday you got her all tested, vaccinated, generally cleaned up, and pronounced her an already spayed female, likely from a previous catch-neuter-release program (one ear slightly tipped).

Anyway, she is happy and healthy and slowly gaining confidence. After a few weeks of hiding behind a toilet, she moved into a living room. She has been eating kitty treats from hand for a couple of months, and is now starting to let us pat her! She is full of purring and really seems to like contact with us.

Having come so far in the three short months she's been inside, I am excited to see what the future holds for her. She gets on great with our other cat, and it is so satisfying on these cold rainy November days to see her sitting on a couch, not sheltering under a bush.

Thank you again for your great help with her in August!

November 11, 2009

Lots of new faces at the shelter

Every time a pet gets adopted from the shelter, a new pet comes in. Here are some of the pets that have recently come to the shelter in order to find a new home.






November 2, 2009

More birthday donations

Just as our supplies of frequently used items such as canned cat food, paper towels and dish detergent were running low, Andy Cochran came to our rescue. Andy recently turned 7 and asked his friends to bring donations for the Medfield Animal Shelter, rather than gifts for him. In addition to this generous gesture, Andy and his family also help the Shelter on a daily basis by fostering cats and kittens in need.

October 24, 2009

Octavius Makes Himself at Home

Octavius waited a long time to find a forever family of his own. We are very thankful to his foster family for making sure he was safe and loved while waiting. As you can see they did a great job helping him feel comfortable with dogs and kids, so he fit right in with his new family. We are also very thankful to his new forever family. What a joy it is to receive these photos showing everyone in the family getting along so well.

October 15, 2009

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day

National Feral Cat Day is a day set aside by Alley Cat Allies to help raise awareness and protect feral cats. What is a feral cat? A feral cat is NOT a unique breed of cat. A feral cat is simply a cat who has not had the benefit of human socialization as a youngster. Hence, they fear humans and are generally happier living outdoors away from humans. The best things we can do for feral cats are as follows: spay/neuter them in order to prevent a next generation and provide food and shelter for them in the place they know as home.

The Medfield Animal Shelter will join groups nationwide to mark National Feral Cat Day. On Monday, October 19th, working with volunteer trappers and the S.T.O.P. (Stop The Overpopulation of Pets) Clinic, we will spay/neuter approximately 30 feral cats. Once the cats recover from their surgery, they will be returned "home" where dedicated caregivers will continue to provide food and shelter for them.

This is a photo of Ginger. She is a feral cat who has survived for years with no human contact. Caregivers have provided food and shelter for her but that was all. Suddenly she has decided she wants to be friendly instead of feral. It happens. But the outdoors will probably always be her home. We believe trap, neuter, return is the best method of population control for feral cats. If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to help feral cats in your neighborhood, please email

October 14, 2009

Why Our Kittens Are All in Foster Homes

We are so grateful for all the foster families who are part of the Medfield Animal Shelter. They make a world of difference. As this precious kitten and so many others can attest, getting to sleep in the arms of someone who loves you is so much more fun than sleeping alone at the shelter.

October 12, 2009

A Nice Update on Dexter the Dachshund

We received this nice note from Dexter's new family:

It didn't take long to fall in love with Dexter, our black mini-dachshund. After a few days of recovering from surgery and sleeping a lot, he woke up. He has been playful and energetic ever since. We put the bed you gave us in the corner of our bedroom and added a blue fleece cover and his own yellow fleece. He usually takes a running start from the bedroom door and leaps into his bed diving expertly under the covers. You can't tell that he's in there.

Although our family is just my husband and I, Dexter has met plenty of friends, Johnny who was adopted as an abandoned dog from Puerto Rico and Tessie, my daughter's energetic black lab. Dexter holds his own with all other dogs and he's polite and interested.

Dexter loves going for walks in the neighborhood. Eventually he will be able to run around his yard, but right now he slips easily between the verticals of our new fence. (we're working on fattening him up a bit, but that won't do the job. He is dedicated to escape and exploration.We're checking out ways to make the yard Dexter-safe.)

He has figured out how to get on the living room couch. He takes a running jump onto the armchair nearby and, like a cat, he scales and leaps over the arms of the furniture to attain his comfy perch. Sometimes he falls asleep on the arm of the couch. When we both go out, he happily sleeps in his crate in the living room. We've padded it with more fleece blankets and covered most of it with a tablecloth, so he feels safe in his dog-cave.

Most of all Dexter loves to be held and talked to. He follows us from room to room and wants to be part of things. And he certainly is an important part of our family. Thanks for finding us a wonderful dog.

We'll send a picture as soon as we can. If you receive a picture of a black blur on-line, you'll know that it's the little guy who doesn't like to sit still.

October 11, 2009

Rescued Kittens

We love to write about the good things happening at the shelter, but there are also many sad events that keep the shelter full even during weeks when we have many adopters taking home new pets.

Yesterday we volunteered to take in these two kittens who had been rescued by Needham Animal Control. The kittens were found in a box in the middle of a road. There were two boxes. People who lived near where the boxes were found thought someone had thrown their trash in the road. The boxes first appeared around dusk this past week on a cold, rainy night. They were still there at 8:00 am the following morning. Thankfully someone went to move what they thought were empty boxes out of the middle of the road. These two innocent and adorable kittens were found soaking wet and shaking with fear inside one of the boxes. The other box had been torn apart and was empty. We fear that perhaps the kittens' mother had been in that box. How could anyone do something so cruel? Needham Animal Control and kind-hearted people who live in the area where the kittens were found are keeping watch to see if mom or whoever was in the other box comes around. We hate to think that we live among people who could do something so mean. We are however encouraged by the efforts of the rescuers and Needham Animal Control in saving these precious little girls. They are now in a foster home where they are getting some intensive tender loving care. We hope these precious little ones will completely forget about the cruelty they experienced and only remember all the love they are now receiving in their foster home. We are eager to find these friendly little babies a special and very loving forever home.

October 10, 2009

Another Good Adoption Day

Today was another great adoption day with four kitties and a guinea pig all going to new homes! The lucky pets that were adopted are: Bruschi, Nadia, Tiger & Boots (they were adopted together) and Lexi. Bruschi and Nadia were cared for by two of our wonderful foster families, and one of the foster families has already stepped up to help with some newly rescued kittens.

It takes a team of very dedicated volunteers to make these adoptions happen. Our supporters and Facebook friends who spread the word about the pets also play a big part. So, thanks everyone!

October 9, 2009

Eight dogs placed in 8 days!

As of 6:30 pm today we have no dogs at the shelter and our volunteers are sighing a collective sigh of relief as a very busy few weeks of dog care comes to a brief end. We placed Annabelle, Dexter, Cinna, Strait, Coco, Lydia, Fannie and Liza in new homes between last Friday and this Friday. We are hoping for a big cat adoption weekend this weekend as there are still many pets in need and we will quickly be refilling the spots now open thanks to so many dogs being adopted. Here are a few of the lucky dogs now in new homes courtesy of Ty Bellitti, a wonderful photographer who came to the shelter yesterday to take photos of the pets available for adoption..

October 3, 2009

Another Happy Tail

Finn's family has been volunteering at the shelter for a long time. After taking him home for "just one night" they decided they couldn't part with him and joined the ranks of foster failures. If ever a dog has left the life of shelter dog behind, it is this cutie. His family sent these cute photos of him with this note:

Finn loves his new family, his canine older sister, swimming in the pool (and using the pool float) and his new life of being a beloved member of our family.

October 2, 2009

Supermodel Marie

Marie was a very senior Dachshund brought to our shelter last fall. This little old girl broke our hearts since we felt she needed and deserved to be in a home. Fortunately our friends at Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue stepped right in and found her a wonderful foster home. Her foster mom was smitten with her and became a foster failure (that's what we call it when the foster can't part with a pet and adopts him/her). Here's Marie modelling at a fundraiser for the Edward Gorey House this past August.

September 29, 2009

Today's Happy Tail

On a day with more than its share of bad news, it was so nice to receive this e-mail with two adorable photos.

We had the wonderful experience of adopting another cat through your shelter. We adopted Marlo (who's former name was Cheeto) back in April and he has settled very nicely in with our family. It took a lot of TLC as he was very scared when he first got here but I think Sully has really brought him out of his shell. They even look a like, so much at times its hard to tell them apart - they are two peas in a pod and I am so happy to have both of them in our lives!!

I have attached a few pictures. The one of Sully and Marlo sleeping, Marlo is on the red comforter and Sully is under the blue. The one of them in the living room, Sully is on the right and Marlo is on the left.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

September 27, 2009

Donation from the Girl Scouts

On Friday, September 25th, which just happened to be the Shelter's fifth anniversary, Troop 74873 from Medfield brought us tons of donations! They sold so many cookies earlier in the year that not only were they able to make donation to other groups in town, they were also able to buy $150 worth of food, cat litter and dog and cat toys to donate! Caleb, the playful Cocker Spaniel tried out quite a few of the toys during the visit and Mackenzie, a tuxedo cat did, too.

September 26, 2009

Good things happen when people work together

Around 6am on the morning of Saturday, September 26th, an individual set out for a walk with his dog. In a very isolated, quiet wooded area, he spotted a ball of white fluff. When he looked closer, six tiny kittens revealed themselves. Thankfully this person immediately called Animal Control who quickly responded, picked up the babies and brought them to the shelter. Shelter volunteers were eager to welcome these adorable hungry babies and scrambled to provide something enticing for what was undoubtedly their first meal other than mother's milk. The family who found the kittens was so kind that they offered to provide a temporary home for the babies until they are old enough to be adopted. These babies are going to get plenty of tender loving care by the children in the home which will enable them to grow into self-confident, well-adjusted, happy cats.

The story gets even better. No one forgot about Mom. Mom returned to look for her babies and thankfully Animal Control was there to rescue her and bring her to safety. She was wearing a flea collar that was nearly strangling her so we know she once belonged to someone. Mom is super, super sweet. She is absolutely exhausted. You can imagine how difficult it must be for a young, domestic cat to try and protect not only herself but also her 6 white babies out in the wild. By 8:30 pm, Mom and babies were reunited. They are all safe. There is plenty of food for everyone and Mom can get a good night's sleep - something she has probably not had in a very long time. Thank you to all the people who played a role in saving the life of this sweet young new mother and her 6 adorable babies. We sure hope we can find loving forever families for everyone when the time is right for them to be adopted. But for now, we are all just celebrating the joy of this new beginning.

September 21, 2009

Photos from Puppy Mill Awareness Day

We had a gorgeous day for our event Saturday and everyone seemed to have a good time. Here are a few photos from the event.

September 18, 2009

Tomorrow is our dog adoption event!

Tomorrow is Puppy Mill Awareness Day, a national event designed to educate the public about the horrific conditions at the large breeding facilities, also know as puppy mills. According to, documented problems of puppy mills include: unsanitary facilities, overbreeding, inbreeding, disease, minimal veterinary care, poor quality of food and shelter, lack of human socialization, overcrowded cages and the killing of unwanted animals. Often the puppies are sold directly to the public via the Internet, newspaper ads, or at the mill itself. In other cases they are sold to brokers and pet shops across the country.

Our event aims to combine education with some fun, so we have a number of activities planned including: several local rescue groups attending with dogs currently looking for homes, our adopted dog parade featuring some of the wonderful family dogs adopted from our shelter as well as from other shelters and rescues, and our second annual dog talent contest with many prizes awarded to the dogs with the best tricks. Combine that with our cookie social and our raffle, and we think it will be a fun event for the whole family. Please join us and feel free to bring your dog (on leash, of course).