January 31, 2009

Robbie, the A team, Cody and Wilma all found homes!

Cody (formerly Navajo) was able to leave for his new home today. He was neutered at Heritage Hill Veterinary Clinic yesterday, so today he joined his new dog sibling, Jakie, at a great home in Medfield!

The A Team: Alvin, Abe and Aaron, 3 adorable male guinea pigs, were adopted today. Aaron went off on his own which we think he will prefer, and Alvin and Abe were adopted together.

Robbie, this week's adorable pet of the week was also adopted!

And in more great news, we learned that Wilma, the senior Basset Hound at the Norwood Animal Shelter, has also been placed in a new home!

January 28, 2009

We want to see your photos and videos!

We love when adopters send us photos and updates on the pets they have adopted from the Shelter, and in fact, always ask people to keep us updated as they walk out the door with their new pet. Using our Facebook page, we have an easy way for adopters to post their own photos and videos, and we are hoping people will start to take advantage of this feature. So don't be shy, post a photo or video of your adopted pet today!

January 20, 2009

Successful Food Drive Stocks the Shelter

Fifth grader Kaylee Crowell and her mom, Lynn, recently put together a
very successful food drive at Kaylee's school which resulted in over 300 cans of dog and cat food being donated to the shelter! Kaylee and Lynn have been volunteering at the Medfield Animal Shelter for the last 4 years. They enjoy walking dogs, playing with the dogs and cats and the friendships they have made with the all-volunteer staff. They think the best part of working at the shelter is loving each animal for a little while until that animal finds a loving “forever” home.

January 18, 2009

Can it be a happy tail if the pet doesn't have a tail?

I just wanted to send you all a note about Francis. He has become a wonderful addition to our family. Our Girls got him as a Christmas present and were so excited. They tried to rename him, but, Francis stuck, so Francis it is. He does respond when you call him. Since he came to live with us, every morning our kids come down for breakfast, but, first make sure the he has food, hay, and fresh water. I of course get the job of cleaning his house.
He enjoys his afternoon playtime where he is free from his house and gets to explore the family room. The girls lay out treats or carrots and have him search them out. At night he hangs out with me, and watches TV.

During these especially cold night he has his own heater, to make sure that the temperature around his house stays between 65 and 70 degrees.
It has been over a month now, but, it feels like he has always been here. As a friend of my put it best "a pet makes a house a home, no matter what size they are!"
We love our little pet, and are glad that he came to live with us!
Thank you so much for helping us find him! Keep up the good work!

January 17, 2009

More Happy Tails

Wesley came to the shelter with a "wound of unknown origin." What that means is he had a wound that might have been caused by a bite, and since he was a stray and we didn't know his Rabies vaccination history, he had to be quarantined at the shelter for 6 months. Our volunteers grew very attached to him, as we always do with the ones that spend a long time at the shelter. We were so happy to hear from his family that he is doing very well, amusing them with his silly personality, and making an excellent play mate for their older kitty.

January 13, 2009

Fun in the snow

It is pretty hard not to enjoy the snow when the dogs love it so much.  Billie and Laurie had a blast playing together at the shelter on Monday.

January 7, 2009

Generous Donor

We are always very grateful when kids ask their friends and family to donate items to the shelter instead of giving them birthday gifts.  Eleven year old Jack Bourdon went way beyond that when he asked friends and family, including his parents, to donate money to the shelter instead of giving him gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah (his family celebrates both).  

We were delighted when he showed up with the money he collected -- an impressive $269!   Because he donated the money during our Matching Challenge Fundraiser, his donation will be doubled and will have an even greater impact.  Jack epitomizes the spirit of the season and will soon be turning his fundraising skills to raising money for a new skate park in Medfield.

January 5, 2009

Cornelius Update

We heard from the family that adopted Cornelius recently and he is doing better than we ever expected since he was a bit shy at the shelter.  Here's what his family had to say:

Well, we wanted to share our stories with you about our great Kitty Cornelius. FIrst of all, our girls decided to keep his name. He was so shy when we first met him and we thought it would take a while for him to feel at home, especially with the girls. We were so wrong. This little boy does not have a bit of shyness left. He is so loving and cuddly. He greets you with a squeaky meow each time he is touched or plays. He is also into lots of mischief.  Last night, while my daughter was taking a bath, he walked around the whole edge of the tub, sat in the corner and decided to explore, and...he fell in...He also finds all the hiding spots or any space to crawl into, and enjoys sleeping in the doll's bed. He has quite the personality. We are so happy to have this special sweet boy!

Here are some of his fun photos....enjoy.

January 2, 2009

Hotel for Dogs Party this Saturday

Hotel For Dogs Party this Saturday, January 3rd at Especially for Pets in Medway

Join the folks from Regal Cinemas for this free, family-centered event featuring face painting and crafts for kids in advance of the Hotel for Dogs movie release in two weeks at the Regal Cinemas 14 in Bellingham. Volunteers from the Medfield Animal Shelter will be there with information about animals available for adoption. There will also be a Party at the Cinema on Saturday January 10th!