January 18, 2009

Can it be a happy tail if the pet doesn't have a tail?

I just wanted to send you all a note about Francis. He has become a wonderful addition to our family. Our Girls got him as a Christmas present and were so excited. They tried to rename him, but, Francis stuck, so Francis it is. He does respond when you call him. Since he came to live with us, every morning our kids come down for breakfast, but, first make sure the he has food, hay, and fresh water. I of course get the job of cleaning his house.
He enjoys his afternoon playtime where he is free from his house and gets to explore the family room. The girls lay out treats or carrots and have him search them out. At night he hangs out with me, and watches TV.

During these especially cold night he has his own heater, to make sure that the temperature around his house stays between 65 and 70 degrees.
It has been over a month now, but, it feels like he has always been here. As a friend of my put it best "a pet makes a house a home, no matter what size they are!"
We love our little pet, and are glad that he came to live with us!
Thank you so much for helping us find him! Keep up the good work!

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