January 5, 2009

Cornelius Update

We heard from the family that adopted Cornelius recently and he is doing better than we ever expected since he was a bit shy at the shelter.  Here's what his family had to say:

Well, we wanted to share our stories with you about our great Kitty Cornelius. FIrst of all, our girls decided to keep his name. He was so shy when we first met him and we thought it would take a while for him to feel at home, especially with the girls. We were so wrong. This little boy does not have a bit of shyness left. He is so loving and cuddly. He greets you with a squeaky meow each time he is touched or plays. He is also into lots of mischief.  Last night, while my daughter was taking a bath, he walked around the whole edge of the tub, sat in the corner and decided to explore, and...he fell in...He also finds all the hiding spots or any space to crawl into, and enjoys sleeping in the doll's bed. He has quite the personality. We are so happy to have this special sweet boy!

Here are some of his fun photos....enjoy.

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