January 7, 2009

Generous Donor

We are always very grateful when kids ask their friends and family to donate items to the shelter instead of giving them birthday gifts.  Eleven year old Jack Bourdon went way beyond that when he asked friends and family, including his parents, to donate money to the shelter instead of giving him gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah (his family celebrates both).  

We were delighted when he showed up with the money he collected -- an impressive $269!   Because he donated the money during our Matching Challenge Fundraiser, his donation will be doubled and will have an even greater impact.  Jack epitomizes the spirit of the season and will soon be turning his fundraising skills to raising money for a new skate park in Medfield.

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  1. great job but bad9:55 PM

    wow so great.. but still you didnt post my friends thing shes doesnt care but i felt bad because she told me to look every day and i still do...