March 25, 2009

Update on Adorable Little Meg

Meg was adopted on Saturday and we are happy to have already heard from her family that she is settling in and they love her!

I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to meet us on Saturday. We have been smiling ever since we left you. Your Meg is now our "Mollly". I call her "Molly" with the dolly face. She is so precious and so very special, we could not love her any more than we do right now. You were certainly right when you said she was a lap kitty, WOW, we love that! She jumps up as soon as any one of us sits down. It is hilarious and we are so charmed by her attentiveness that we reciprocate always. She slept with us the very first night and we are all very snug as bugs in that bed. She loves racing from one window to the next watching the many birds and chipmunks we have in our yard. She can watch all she wants but she will never have to worry about surviving outdoors ever again. I will send you some pictures as soon as I figure out how to download them, my daughter usually does it for me. But be reassured that Molly is happy and that we are even happier to have her here, hopefully for many many years to come.

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