April 29, 2009

Nala Finds the Right Home

Nala was returned to us when the first placement we made wasn't a good fit for her or the couple that adopted her. She is such a sweet and joyful dog and everyone at the shelter loved her and hoped she would soon find just the right family. Luckily her Petfinder listing caught the eye of a wonderful couple in Maine, and Nala's new mom drove 4 hours just to meet her! It was a good match and Nala is now happily ensconced in her new home, where she is fitting right in. As always, we were thrilled to receive this photo and a nice update about how she is settling in.

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  1. Anonymous11:55 PM

    We visited Nala at the shelter and she is such a sweet and special dog. So happy to see that she has found a loving family to be with!