May 26, 2009

Community Service Donation

On Memorial Day 5th grader Sven Phillips came by the Shelter with a $125 donation! Each member of his 5th grade class at the Pine Hill School in Sherborn did a community service project, and Sven chose to donate the money he raised to the Medfield Animal Shelter because his family adopted their dog, Charley, from us four years ago. Sven did quite a bit of work to earn the money, including having a lemonade stand, and doing tons of yard work. Somehow the pets at the shelter could tell Sven is a very special and generous kid, and they immediately took to him. As you can see, Champ and Abe, seemed very concerned about the thumb Sven recently broke.

May 25, 2009

Visit from Petunia

Petunia is a very special dog who won the hearts of many volunteers when she was rescued last year. The poor dog had been seen fending for herself for 8 months at the Wayland town transfer station, but was too skittish to let anyone close enough to her to catch her. Shirley Moore, dog rescuer extraordinaire and founder of local rescue group Save a Dog, stepped in and quickly captured her in a humane trap. So quickly in fact, that she had no place to keep her and contacted our shelter to see if we could take her in. We fell for this gentle, sweet, adorable dog and were very sad when she turned out to be heartworm positive. We treated Petunia for heartworm and found her the perfect home to finish her recovery (she was supposed to stay very quiet with very limited activity for a month), only to have Petunia bolt out the door the first chance she got.

After initial sighting the first day she was out, weeks went by with no sign of her. When she finally came back for food weeks later, it was clear her leg was badly injured. One of our volunteers set up an enclosure and spent many days patiently waiting for her to show up for food before finally capturing her. Almost a month after escaping from her house, she was once again safe. She needed extensive orthopedic surgery to repair her badly broken leg, which was likely the result of her being hit by a car. A year later Petunia is a happy, beautiful, loving dog who is devoted to her owner. Petunia stopped by recently for a visit and we were amazed by how great she looks. She is a survivor!

May 19, 2009

What it means to be feral

This is a sight people who are not involved in animal rescue rarely get to see. These tiny kittens were born outside and today was the first time they ever saw a human and they were terrified. This is what happens to kittens who are born to unspayed, abandoned cats. This litter of kittens is fortunate to have been rescued in time to be tamed so they can one day be family pets. The window of opportunity for taming kittens born outside is very short and once they reach 12 weeks old, many will be too old to come around and will live their lives scared of people.

These little ones will be fine because they are now in a nurturing foster home and they are getting plenty of tender loving care. It will be necessary for them to spend lots of quality time with their human foster family getting to learn what it means to be a cat and not a wild animal, which is the only life they would ever have known if they had not been rescued. We are lucky to have several wonderful and patient foster families willing to devote the time to help the kittens we rescue learn their human caretakers are not to be feared.

Despite having spayed/neutered nearly 700 cats in 2008, the Medfield Animal Shelter is currently caring for 19 "unwanted" kittens. All of them are still young and fortunate enough to be in loving foster homes. We are hopeful that each and every one of these little ones will find a loving family wiling to make a lifetime commitment to them when they are ready to leave mom and start their own lives.

May 14, 2009

Another Generous Birthday Girl!

When Macey turned 9 years old, she selflessly asked friends and family members to bring a gift for homeless animals to her birthday party rather than a gift for her. Macey is shown here with her younger brothers Luigi and Marco. We are so encouraged by the kindness and generosity of young children like Macey and we can only hope that these children will someday live in a time where NO MORE HOMELESS PETS is a reality. How did Macey get to know about the Medfield Animal Shelter? She did a great deal of research on caring for guinea pigs and when Steven the guinea pig's family tired of caring for him and surrendered him to the shelter, Macey (and her family) was kind enough to adopt Steven.

May 11, 2009

Sam completes training

Sam finished his 2 weeks of training with Dave Ranieri, a truly amazing dog trainer based in Hanover, MA. The Shelter invested the money to send Sam to Dave for training after he was returned due to biting a child in the home we had placed him in. Fortunately for Sam, he caught the eye of a family willing to foster Sam until Dave had time to train him, and then work with Dave several times to make sure they would be able to not only maintain the training, but also continue it. These photos show Sam near the end of his training, working a the local pet supply store, and then working with another dog Dave was training. Dave even had his 2 year old son giving the dogs commands and having both dogs happily cooperating! You can read more about Dave on his website:

May 6, 2009

Gregory in his new home

Today with the help of one of our wonderful volunteers, Gregory got a new home. While always very sweet during his stay at the shelter, he was also pretty shy and even managed to get way up on top of a cabinet when he was feeling a little scared. Much to our surprise and delight, this is how he looked a mere 10 minutes after moving in with his new owner! Apparently all he really needed was a couch to lounge on in order to feel at home.

May 3, 2009

Sam in training

Sam was returned to the shelter about a month ago, after he bit a child in the home that had adopted him. Since he is a good dog in so many ways, we struggled with what to do with him, since we couldn't simply place him in another home. Last week we sent him away for 2 weeks of training, and he is doing very well there. It was a huge financial commitment for the shelter to make, but we think all pets deserve a second chance. Here are a few of the photos the trainer sent us showing Sam learning to calmly stay in his place even with many distractions. His foster family had a training session at the dog trainer's facility yesterday to learn how to continue working with him after he completes the two weeks of on-site training.