June 17, 2009

Max the Puggle and his new brother Tug

Max the Puggle is very shy due to having spent his first 3 years in a cage at a puppy mill, but he loves other dogs, so we knew we only wanted to place him in a new home with another dog.

Tug the Puggle came to meet Max and the two were cordial, but not terribly excited about the meeting. All that changed in a matter of days and we received these photos today along with a note saying they play together, sleep together and Max is Tug's shadow!


  1. What a beautiful story! Thanks Tug for looking out for Max. Thank you to all the volunteers at your shelter that helped save Max from the puppy mill.

  2. Ahhhhh!

    Mom and I are sukhkers fur happy endings!

    Tank woo!


  3. I Love Puggle. Puggle are for cuddles. The hot designer dog of the decade.