July 29, 2009

Sad News About Two Special Pups

We were very sad to learn that two dogs that were very special to everyone at the shelter had passed away in July. Snap, AKA Gingersnap, was a rescued Greyhound who we were lucky enough to meet when her very kind owners fostered a senior dog with many health issues until we could find her a permanent home. Snap made a name for herself in Dover last fall when she made it clear to potential voters how she felt about Greyhound racing. She was a beautiful, sweet and gentle dog.

Nicky was a very senior Bichon Frise who came to us from Indiana in terrible condition three years ago. He was adopted and brought back to life by a wonderful young woman and her family, and they provided him with thousands of dollars of vet care, adorable outfits, and unconditional love. We are all very glad he attended our puppy mill awareness day event last September and were very touched when we heard he was included in his owner's wedding, and even wore a tuxedo!

We know both families are missing their special pets right now, and are very grateful for people like them that take on special needs dogs and cats and provide them with unconditional love.

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