September 26, 2009

Good things happen when people work together

Around 6am on the morning of Saturday, September 26th, an individual set out for a walk with his dog. In a very isolated, quiet wooded area, he spotted a ball of white fluff. When he looked closer, six tiny kittens revealed themselves. Thankfully this person immediately called Animal Control who quickly responded, picked up the babies and brought them to the shelter. Shelter volunteers were eager to welcome these adorable hungry babies and scrambled to provide something enticing for what was undoubtedly their first meal other than mother's milk. The family who found the kittens was so kind that they offered to provide a temporary home for the babies until they are old enough to be adopted. These babies are going to get plenty of tender loving care by the children in the home which will enable them to grow into self-confident, well-adjusted, happy cats.

The story gets even better. No one forgot about Mom. Mom returned to look for her babies and thankfully Animal Control was there to rescue her and bring her to safety. She was wearing a flea collar that was nearly strangling her so we know she once belonged to someone. Mom is super, super sweet. She is absolutely exhausted. You can imagine how difficult it must be for a young, domestic cat to try and protect not only herself but also her 6 white babies out in the wild. By 8:30 pm, Mom and babies were reunited. They are all safe. There is plenty of food for everyone and Mom can get a good night's sleep - something she has probably not had in a very long time. Thank you to all the people who played a role in saving the life of this sweet young new mother and her 6 adorable babies. We sure hope we can find loving forever families for everyone when the time is right for them to be adopted. But for now, we are all just celebrating the joy of this new beginning.

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