October 12, 2009

A Nice Update on Dexter the Dachshund

We received this nice note from Dexter's new family:

It didn't take long to fall in love with Dexter, our black mini-dachshund. After a few days of recovering from surgery and sleeping a lot, he woke up. He has been playful and energetic ever since. We put the bed you gave us in the corner of our bedroom and added a blue fleece cover and his own yellow fleece. He usually takes a running start from the bedroom door and leaps into his bed diving expertly under the covers. You can't tell that he's in there.

Although our family is just my husband and I, Dexter has met plenty of friends, Johnny who was adopted as an abandoned dog from Puerto Rico and Tessie, my daughter's energetic black lab. Dexter holds his own with all other dogs and he's polite and interested.

Dexter loves going for walks in the neighborhood. Eventually he will be able to run around his yard, but right now he slips easily between the verticals of our new fence. (we're working on fattening him up a bit, but that won't do the job. He is dedicated to escape and exploration.We're checking out ways to make the yard Dexter-safe.)

He has figured out how to get on the living room couch. He takes a running jump onto the armchair nearby and, like a cat, he scales and leaps over the arms of the furniture to attain his comfy perch. Sometimes he falls asleep on the arm of the couch. When we both go out, he happily sleeps in his crate in the living room. We've padded it with more fleece blankets and covered most of it with a tablecloth, so he feels safe in his dog-cave.

Most of all Dexter loves to be held and talked to. He follows us from room to room and wants to be part of things. And he certainly is an important part of our family. Thanks for finding us a wonderful dog.

We'll send a picture as soon as we can. If you receive a picture of a black blur on-line, you'll know that it's the little guy who doesn't like to sit still.

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