November 16, 2009

This Feral Kitty Has Learned the Joy of Having a Home

One of our volunteers received this wonderful note and update from a family in Dover that she helped with a stray cat that had been hanging out near their home for a long time. The best results always seem to come from people who care about the welfare of companion animals working together, since this cat wouldn't be considered adoptable by too many people.

Just a quick "thank you" and update on the feral cat you helped us with. As you'll remember, the gray cat we caught and brought to you in August had been hanging around our house over the prior winter (and perhaps the winter before). You guys cared for her for the weekend, and on Monday you got her all tested, vaccinated, generally cleaned up, and pronounced her an already spayed female, likely from a previous catch-neuter-release program (one ear slightly tipped).

Anyway, she is happy and healthy and slowly gaining confidence. After a few weeks of hiding behind a toilet, she moved into a living room. She has been eating kitty treats from hand for a couple of months, and is now starting to let us pat her! She is full of purring and really seems to like contact with us.

Having come so far in the three short months she's been inside, I am excited to see what the future holds for her. She gets on great with our other cat, and it is so satisfying on these cold rainy November days to see her sitting on a couch, not sheltering under a bush.

Thank you again for your great help with her in August!

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