November 25, 2009

A Week to be Thankful

This past week several of the pets in our care found homes, so we are feeling very thankful. Elvis the Beagle and Mika the Scottish Terrier went to their new homes today. Skooch the gorgeous white cat is in his new home as is Rupert the guinea pig and Moses the parakeet. But the best news of all came in a phone call today from Tiana's foster family letting us know they had fallen in love with her and wanted to adopt her!

Tiana was abandoned at our door back in August and had spent much of September and October hissing at our volunteers or hiding, because she was so scared. She finally started to trust a few of our volunteers and would come out of hiding for lap time. It turns out she is a very different cat in a home environment and sits on her new mom's lap and sleeps with her at night and has since the first day they brought her home. She is also very playful. This is just one more example of why the families that agree to foster pets are so important to us. Good job turning your family into foster failures, Tiana!

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