December 15, 2009

Update from Abe and Johnny (formerly Champ)

We received this nice note from the family that adopted Abe and Champ from us this past summer. The pair, while not related, bonded like siblings and played together all the time, so we were quite happy when they were adopted together.

We thank you every day for Abe and Johnny(Champ). Abe LOVES my husband and
follows him around constantly. When Jack is working on a project, Abe will crawl
over the hammer or whatever other tool Jack is using to "help". Johnny is much
more laid back and hangs out with me, sleeping on my feet every night. They are
the best of friends and perform amazing gymnastic feats as they chase each other
around the house leaping over the furniture as they go. They have brought so
much fun and laughter into our house! Attached our pictures of Johnny hanging
out in the wood basket and Abe just hanging out.

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