February 16, 2010

Taco Saves the Life of a Cat!

Taco was adopted from our shelter back in August. He and his owner are in Florida for the winter, and that is where Taco made his life-saving rescue. A friend of his owner was devastated when her cat got out of the house. She and her friends spent days searching for him and had given up hope of finding him. Taco was visiting one day 3 weeks after the cat disappeared, and wouldn't stop pawing at a drawer in their spare room. They told him to stop several times, but he would keep going right back to the drawer. When they finally opened the drawer and looked inside, they found their missing kitty! He was very dehydrated, but alive. What a good dog!

February 12, 2010

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February 8, 2010

Chloe's Outing

One of our volunteer dog walkers took Chloe out for a 2 hour hike with her very well-socialized dogs yesterday.    Chloe was nervous in the car but had a great time and came back exhausted.  Chloe is a very smart, sweet, affectionate and playful dog that had a rough start.  We are fairly certain her first owner was abusive, since she and her canine sibling were both very reactive to one of our male volunteers.  Her brother found the perfect home that has let him acclimate at his own pace while also socializing him at the dog park and taking him to many new places.  We are hoping to find a similar home for Chloe.  We've just enrolled Chloe in an obedience class at Alpha Dog K9 Training and if she is adopted before the class ends we will have her new family attend the classes.