April 25, 2010

Harry is Enjoying the Boating Life!

Brendan, now named Harry, was adopted the other day and we already received the nicest update on him. Sounds like he is going to have a very fun summer!

We wanted you both to know that Harry is already a joyful addition to the household - we feel so lucky to have found him! He has charmed everyone he meets, and he's met a bunch of people in these last few days!

He starts each day with a happy dance and a wagging tail.....he is friendly, mellow, playful, and shows an ability to learn. We are working on "Come", which remains a challenge. His genetic makeup is always a source of interest to those who meet him; suggestions tend to fall in the schnauzer/poodle category. I like the fact that he'll always be an original....

Here is a photo taken today, when we all went down to our marina in Fairhaven - Harry checked out the boat on which he'll spend much of the summer season with his new companion, Daisy. He will be visiting the Vineyard, Block Island, and the Elizabeth Islands nearly every weekend. Lucky dog!

Thanks to both of you, for keeping Harry safe and making him available to us - and for the good work you do.

April 22, 2010

Kids Helping Animals

We often host groups of kids interested in helping animals, and the pets at the shelter truly enjoy the company. Last week a troop of Brownies came for a visit and Cooper the Beagle enjoyed having his picture taken with them. Yesterday a group of 2nd graders came for a visit and Abby the Jack Russell was thrilled to have so many laps to sit in. Both groups collected donations of supplies, and the Brownies made some very fun fleece dog toys that are canine friends are enjoying.

April 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

This has been a busy weekend with four new cats, a new bunny and a little Jack Russell Terrier all arriving at the shelter. We feel fortunate to have space for the new crew, thanks to a few successful adoption weeks.  It is always great when longtime supporters and volunteers send their family and friends our way when they mention they are interested in adopting a pet.

April 8, 2010

Terrier Found Running Loose on Route 128

This poor little guy was found running loose on Route 128 in Needham on Easter Sunday wearing no collar and having no other ID. He is about 30 lbs. and is very friendly, although he is quite nervous at the animal hospital where he is being held for 10 days to give his family a chance to claim him. If he looks familiar to you, or you have seen a lost dog flyer for him, please contact us. He will be coming to the Medfield Shelter on Tuesday April 13 if he isn't claimed by an owner. We think he is young (1 or 2 years old). The Animal Control Officer that rescued him said he acted like he had died and gone to heaven when she took him on a long walk. She named him Brendan.

April 6, 2010

Meet Our New Dogs

We took in two new adorable dogs today. Petey ( 1 - 2 year old Sheltie mix) and Cooper ( 5 year old Beagle) came to us from a much bigger shelter in Springfield. They are already great pals and are both sweet and gentle dogs.