May 25, 2010

Felix is Home!

Scruffy (formerly Felix) settled right into his new home as you can see from these photos.  His family took our request for updates and photos seriously (we love that) and sent photos of him the day after he moved in looking as if he had lived there all his life.  He even slept in bed with his new parents the first night!

May 9, 2010

Ciccolina is back home with her family

Dover Animal Control picked up this senior dog with some obvious health issues yesterday morning after she was found wandering on a fairly busy road.  Although she was safe and well cared for at the shelter, we were all angst-ridden knowing she needed her family and they must be frantically looking for her.  

Fortunately, Ciccolina's story has a very happy ending and she is back home!  It turns our that she bolted from her home during yesterday's early morning thunderstorm, and even though she was picked up by Dover Animal Control a few hours later, when her family repeatedly called the Dover police trying to locate her, they were told no dogs had been picked up.  They spent the entire day searching the woods for her and feared the worst had happened, since they thought she would be a likely target for predators given her frail condition.

Desperate to locate her family, we decided to e-mail her photo to many of our Shelter volunteers on Saturday night at 9:30 p.m. and ask them to forward it to anyone they knew in Needham, Dover and Westwood that might be able to help us identify her.  Much to our delight one of the people that received the e-mail works at a vet hospital in Needham and instantly recognized Ciccolina!  Her family was notified very late last night that she was safe and sound, and they came to retrieve her first thing this morning!  The Shelter volunteer who was there for the reunion said Cicci was thrilled to see her parents and happily left wagging her tail the whole time.  Ciccolina is 15 years old and needs medication, so we are very happy to have her back where she belongs.