June 29, 2010

Russell makes himself at home

It looks like Russell had no problem adjusting to life as a beloved family pet! His new family said they love him and also noted he is the first cat they have ever had that sleeps on his back. Yay for Russell!

June 9, 2010

Carly Enjoying Her New Home

We took Carly in from a large city shelter in Boston where she had been overlooked simply because they had so many cats there. In her 8 months at that shelter her weight had ballooned from 7 lbs. to 14lbs. from sitting in a cage all day with nothing to do but eat. She settled right in to our cage-free cat room and once again waited patiently for a home. Luckily after she was featured in the Hometown Weekly, she caught the eye of a nice family and was soon adopted. They sent us photos of her today letting us know they love her and that she is a great cat. These are the updates that make all the work our volunteers do to care for the animals (it is a lot more cleaning and laundry than most people imagine)all worth it.