October 12, 2010

10/17 Rabies Clinic is Trying to Establish a World's Record

Second Chance Animal Shelter Aims for World Record

Second Chance Animal Shelter, located in East Brookfield, will be attempting to establish a world recordFred the dog for the highest number of rabies vaccinations given in a single day. Save the date for a rabies vaccination for your cat or dog! Vaccines will be given at a cost of $5.00 each. Dogs must be on leash and cats in carriers.

What: Rabies Vaccination Clinic
Klem’s Department Store, Rt. 9, Spencer, MA
October 17th, 2010 – 9am-5pm

Second Chance’s goal is to protect pets against rabies. By law and as a matter of public safety, cats and dogs must be up-to-date with their rabies vaccinations. For more information, go towww.secondchanceanimals.org.


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  2. Did they break the world record? I hope they did it because their intentions were good.

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