November 5, 2010

Take Two

Sometimes it takes more than one try for a pet to find the right family, especially if they have special training needs or issues.  Molly the Beagle was adopted from the shelter a year ago, but was returned last month due to house soiling issues.  She is one of the cutest and sweetest Beagles we've ever met, and luckily caught the eye of an adopter willing to take a chance.  We checked in with her new family this week, and found out she is doing great and has only had one accident so far!

Mickey was transferred from a large city shelter where he had little chance of being adopted.  He's a young and adorable Cockapoo, but had clearly gotten his own way and was not pleased to find out he was no longer in charge.  He was adopted quickly, but returned a few weeks later when the family realized they just weren't experienced enough to handle the training he needed.  Our volunteers jumped in to make the most of his time at the shelter by teaching him he needed to sit calmly and quietly before he was fed or walked, as well as teaching him basic commands.  He has now found a new home, and we are very optimistic that it will be his forever home.  That's him heading off to his new life with is mom and dad!

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