February 16, 2011

Deerfield Student Raises $2,000 for the Medfield Animal Shelter

Westwood resident and Deerfield Elementary School student, Dylan Perkins, used his 9th birthday as a reason to help the animals at the Medfield Animal Shelter by raising money to help pay for their care.  Instead of gifts, Dylan asked his friends to help him celebrate his birthday by donating money to the shelter to help feed the guinea pigs, cats, bunnies and especially the dogs.  "The dogs are my favorite," said Dylan. "I'm so happy that we could help them to have good food."

Dylan has been volunteering at the shelter with his mom for over two years, helping her feed and care for the dogs on Sunday nights.  Through the generosity of his friends, their parents, and Dylan's own family, Dylan raised over $500 which through a series of "matches" resulted in the shelter receiving over $2,000!  "We're thrilled", said Shelter manager Jane Burchesky.  "We get donations of all kinds but this might be the largest donation we've ever received from someone of that age."

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