September 16, 2011

National Feral Cat Day

Alley Cat Allies has designated October 16th as National Feral Cat day.  Organizations and people that care about the stray and feral cats in their community will be hosting a wide variety of events to show their support for the humane treatment of all cats.  The Medfield Animal Shelter will be hosting a spay/neuter clinic just for feral cats on October 18th, in support of National Feral Cat Day.  Spaying and neutering addresses the cat overpopulation the in the only way that has proven to be both effective and humane. The clinic is free for feral cats thanks to a grant from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition!  Space is limited, and you must make an appointment in advance by calling 508.359.8989.

Ginger was a feral cat that the Medfield Shelter fed and looked out for for many years before she suddenly decided she might want to live indoors.  We were never sure what caused her change of heart, but were thrilled to no longer worry about her out in cold and other bad weather conditions.

Alley Cat Allies is a wonderful organization that supports the efforts of individuals and organizations providing care to stray and feral cats. They promote programs that are mutually beneficial for cats and the community, including Trap-Neuter-Return and accessible, affordable spay and neuter services.