October 10, 2011

New Spay/Neuter clinic up and running!

 Kitties lined up waiting for their turn at the clinic

Our surgical suite isn't big, but it gets the job done!

On October 4th the Medfield Animal Shelter held our second low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats in our new surgical suite.  Twenty four more cats have now joined the ranks of those that can no longer reproduce and add to the pet overpopulation problem.  Our next clinic, scheduled for October 18th will be for feral cats.  Thanks to a grant we received from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition, every cat that is coming to the clinic will be spay or neutered and vaccinated at no cost!  Our volunteers are very excited about the new clinic and are very actively helping care for the cats that attend to make sure they are warm and comfortable while they recover from their sugery.  If you are interested in volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic, please contact jackie@medfieldshelter.com.  We are hoping that in 2011 we might be able to do clinics for dogs and are working on some grants to help fund that initiative.

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