November 16, 2011

More photos from our Happy Tails files

We can't say it enough times: we love hearing from adopters and seeing photos of the pets living as cherished family members.  Here are a few recent success stories:

Emma spent most of the last year and a half at the shelter.  It was very hard on her, because she doesn't enjoy the company of other cats, and as an older kitty, she just wasn't happy at the shelter.  Her dream family finally came along, and she made herself right at home.  She and her new mom both enjoy watching birds at the bird feeder, and Emma has a nice perch for that now.  She also took over a living room chair.  Seeing her looking so happy after only a few days brings tears to the eyes of the volunteers who cared for her and dreamed of this type of home for her!

 Kalli, formerly Brooke, came to the shelter 3 1/2 years ago.  We will never know what happened to her in her past, but it would be hard to find a more scared dog.  She would curl up on a dog bed and not move.  It was heartbreaking to see.  But she got lucky and found someone to take a chance on her.  She didn't make it easy, especially when she escaped shortly after being adopted and was on the run for 5 days, but she has slowly adjusted and gotten better.  She still has her quirks, but has done better than any of the dog trainers consulted would have ever predicted.

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