December 13, 2011

Update on Handsome

Handsome spent 6 months at the shelter waiting for just the right owner to come along.  He obviously chose wisely, as we received this update today from his new owner.

Just thought you would like to know how "Handsome" is doing. First is that his name is now "Buddy" & he seems to approve. Second, is that you said he is a 'great' cat...I'm sorry, but you were wrong....He's a Fantasticcat!!! The moment Andrea & I let him out of the carrier, he was checking out the whole apartment, which included climbing up to the top of the kitchen cabinets. He handled that very well. He quickly found the litter box & approved it #:-S whew!. I fed him & he ate everything! After about an hour of him walking everywhere, he came over to me in my recliner & jumped up into my lap & began head butting my hand to pet him. There he remained for about an hour...not letting me stop petting & scratching him behind the ears! This is something that I never expected so soon! He was amazing...he follows me everywhere in the apartment...wants constant attention & love...wants to play all day & night! He is running,jumping & seems very happy to be here.  He lets me rub his belly & lets me hold his's so cute when he stretches out on the rug & lies on his back & has his paws folded in the air...this is the sign to me that he wants to play!

This afternoon, I was taking a nap Buddy was sleeping beside me...he then came up onto my pillow & started to run his paws through my hair! He actually laid down on my head & slept there for about an hour...occasionally caressing my cheeks with his paws! This little guy is amazing! He's right here watching me write this email. He says he misses everyone that took care of him for the last 6 months, & he's throwing special kisses to Jackie for loving him being his special friend. I, personally want to thank everyone at the shelter for doing such good things for these unfortunate animals.