July 16, 2012

Devoted Companion Needs a New Family

Buddy was a great companion to an elderly owner for 4 years. The owner's son promised that when she passed away he would take care of Buddy. Sadly, now that she has died, he has reneged on the deal and planned to just throw Buddy out to fend for himself. The owner's caretaker called the Shelter desperate to find a safe place for this sweet cat to go and we took him in even though we really didn't have space. She told us he is a sweet kitty and loves to be cuddled and groomed. He purrs really loudly when petted and is a total ham about it. He is thriving on good food and care and is easy to have at the shelter. While he gets along with some cats, he can be a little bit of a bully, so he either needs to be an only cat, or needs to live with a confident cat that won't be intimidated by him.  Please consider rewarding Buddy for his devotion to his owner by adopting him.  If you are interested in meeting Buddy, please call the Shelter at 508.359.8989 or send an e-mail to info@medfieldshelter.com.

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