September 17, 2012

High Energy Young Dog Needs Active Home with Fenced Yard

We are assisting Olive's current owner with trying to find her a home that would be a better fit for her activity level.  She just isn't cut out for apartment life and her owner's want to find her a better fit.  They are completely committed to her and will keep her until they find the right situation for her.  Here's what they wrote about her:We adopted Olive from Northeast Animal shelter last December when she was around 12 weeks old. She's a rescue from Florida, and we were told she's likely a Blue Heeler mix, or possibly a German Short-Haired Pointer mix. She's just over a year old, medium-sized, and around 33 pounds.
We enrolled her in 7 months of puppy training through Compatible Canine in Brookline, and we did classes with her every other week. We put in a serious amount of time training her, probably a solid hour a day for the entire duration, as well as training on our daily walks. Olive is extremely food-motivated, and we use a pinch collar to help with training when she's outside. Olive knows "down", "sit", "heel" (which means to sit on our left side), "crate", and "bed" (which means she lies down on her dog bed). And "sit" and "down" mean to hold it until we say "okay" to let her up. She'll hold those positions even if you leave the room.
Olive is crate-trained, and she likes her crate. She sleeps in it at night, and we put her in her crate whenever we leave (as an aside, we don't let her on our furniture). We usually give her a kong with peanut butter and she'll entertain herself or sleep. She's also really good in the car - we have a crate in there and she sleeps the entire time.
She LOVES other dogs. She's extremely playful and wants to run around and wrestle all the time. We have a 5 year-old puggle who she is always trying to engage in play, but frequently, Olive can be a little much for our other dog. Our puggle is more submissive and sensitive and Olive is dominant and very confident. She likes to hang on our other dog - nipping and just generally being very physical in her play style. It's not aggressive, but she would probably do best in a home with a dog that's at least her size and/or has a similar style of play and high energy level.
As far as cats, we don't have any, but she's been around several while on the leash. She's interested in them and seems like she just wants to play, but she would need training so she knew what was appropriate interaction. She may be able to live with a cat, although it's important to note that she has very strong hunting instincts. She is constantly looking for birds and squirrels to chase outside, so I would be concerned that she might chase a cat. Again, training may be all she needs.
We had Olive spayed at 6 months old. She's up-to-date on all of her shots. We took her to the vet for some routine blood work and a fecal test at the end of August and she's healthy - no heartworm, no parasites.
Olive is a friendly, loving dog who simply has too much energy to be anything but frustrated in our Brookline apartment. She needs a big yard where she can run around to her heart's content, another high energy canine companion, or someone who needs a running, hiking, or hunting buddy. Unfortunately, we just can't provide that with our current living situation. We do our best to meet her needs with daily hour-long walks in the morning, half-hour lunchtime walks, treadmill time, and trips to the park to play fetch several times a week... but it isn't enough. More than anything, she loves to be outside, chasing squirrels and exploring. She just isn't a city or apartment dog.  We are looking for a home with a fenced yard and high energy canine companion, or with someone that has an active job where she could tag along and be outside a lot.  Please fill out the Shelter's adoption form if you are interested in adopting this beautiful but very active dog.


  1. I think that the food of your dog could affect the energy that it has. I also think that you should provide your dog with the exercise that they need.

  2. I wanna have her if i can have the chance. Such a nice dog.

  3. These beautiful animals just need all the love and care. Sometimes its just out of our reach. They need a lot and we have little to spare and there goes the thin red line of not caring and not providing the full animal rights. Sometimes for those who have the facilities, let them have them and take care of them. Nice blog