December 6, 2012

Another Microchip Success Story

Another cat is home thanks to a microchip, even though his rescuer never knew he had one!  Our manager, Jackie received a Home Again alert about a kitty missing from his home in Holliston.  This is a service provided by Home Again microchips that alerts area shelters and pet lovers when a pet is reported missing in their area.  Even though the alert didn't have a picture, Jackie thought of it when she heard from a kind person also from Holliston who was caring for a stray cat.  Well lo and behold, the kitty was Giovanni, and he is back home. Here's the e-mail his rescuer sent to all the Shelters and rescue she had contacted in her efforts to find a place for the stray cat to go:

Greetings All - 

After some ingenuity, a lot of luck, continued perseverance and maybe even a few prayers, the sweet little kitty that made its way to our doorstep last week in Holliston is now in the comfort of his original home. Although we cared for him throughout his brief stay, we knew he belonged to someone else. Bob and I could not be more thrilled!

Many of you were involved and I thank you. Jackie Walters of Medfield Shelter was our angel. She was instrumental to do a search, unbeknownst to me, and make the connection. Little did we all know that her efforts amounted to one lucky lead! Jackie then wrote to me and from there it took off with my eventual phone call to a national site named Home Again Pet Rescuers. Although Gio had no collar, he does have an implanted chip which identified his owners.

So long story short, there is a Santa and Gio is going to have a wonderful Christmas!

Happy holidays to you all! Please remove Gio from any existing waiting list or take down posters. Marty AKA Gio is not leaving his cushy home anytime soon!!